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(Danny Nelson/CoinDesk)
Research Shows Majority of Pepe Investors Caught in High-Stakes Game of Musical Chairs

The majority of investors do not stand to gain from Pepecoin's herculean rise, indicating a limited window for potential gains.

(Danny Nelson/CoinDesk)
(Danny Nelson/CoinDesk)
Absence of Retail Investors Could Stand in the Way of Pepecoin's Rise to Top Meme Coin: Santiment

A Santiment report said that pepecoin (PEPE) could face challenges amid a generally bleak trading environment.

(Danny Nelson/CoinDesk)
Buys and sells of Bitcoin Frogs. (CryptoSlam)
Pepe-Themed ‘Bitcoin Frogs’ Becomes Most Traded NFT Amid Bitcoin Ordinals Hype

Some $2 million worth of NFTs have been exchanged in the past 24 hours.

Buys and sells of Bitcoin Frogs. (CryptoSlam)
Meme coin rug pulls could impact BTC and ETH (Juli Kosolapova/Unsplash)
Investors Track Pepecoin Whales to Cash In on Meme Coin Mania as Wider Market Stagnates

The trend has the potential to disrupt the huge rallies bitcoin and ether have seen this year.

Meme coin rug pulls could impact BTC and ETH (Juli Kosolapova/Unsplash)
"The Hash" tackles today's biggest topics shaping crypto today, including Tron founder Justin Sun stepping in to help Curve Finance after an exploit over the weekend Read more...

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